Keld Jensen is listed on the Global Gurus Top 30

Keld Jensen is on the prestigious ranks of the Global Gurus Top 30—along with such recognized experts as Dr. Dan Shapiro, Director of the Harvard Negotiation Program and named one of Harvard’s top 15 professors; and the likes of Dr. Philip Kotler, Tom Peters, John C. Maxwell, Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins.

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What they say...

The Negotiating in SMARTnership program revolutionizes the idea of negotiation

Kelly Sheridan, MGM/MBA Executive Vice President, Association of the United States Army

The Negotiating in SMARTnership program by Keld Jensen revolutionizes the idea of negotiation. I believe this approach works wonders, especially in a global setting where cultural differences can normally hinder results. This program teaches you to see the hidden potential in every negotiation beyond just what is on the table. I highly recommend you take this course as well.

Much more than what I learned in other negotiation trainings.

Jan Carlsen Head of Indirect Procurement MAN Energy Solutions

Throughout the course I learned that qualitative negotiation is much more than what I learned in other negotiation trainings. I use the learnings from the SMARTnership course in my everyday work. I can highly recommend the SMARTnership Negotiation Master Program.

Some of the best online training I have ever seen.

Ole Torp, CPO, eurodan-huse A/S

The SMARTnership Negotiation online Master program is some of the best online training I have ever seen. Great combination of videos, PowerPoint slides, questionnaires and reading materials. Super positive.

In my opinion, it should be mandatory to all negotiators

Jesper Antoni Nicolaisen Head of Partnerships, EWII

Keld is one of the best and motivating negotiation masters that I have ever met. Keld has developed a powerful concept called "NegoEconomics” In my opinion, it should be mandatory to all negotiators, both on supplier and customer side to learn about the benefits of this concept.

This was a big success

Gilles Pineau Change Management Manager Procurement Business Management Sector, Government of Canada

It was really well received and appreciated. People mentioned that they learned from your presentation and they appreciated your way of presenting. They felt engaged and also appreciated your humor. All in all, for us this was a big success.

Mr. Jensen represents an important and unique voice in the field of negotiation

Professor Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D, Harvard Law School, Author of the bestseller ”Negotiate the nonnegotiable“

“Mr. Jensen represents an important and unique voice in the field of negotiation. I have been consistently impressed with the depth and breadth of his writing, which presents complex negotiation concepts in user-friendly, operational ways that draw on his vast negotiation consulting experience. His novel approach combines expert academic knowledge with practical approaches and has generated a unique concept in SMARTnership and the financial model of NegoEconomics. “Mr. Jensen is a prolific writer and educator on negotiation, communication, ethics, and trust.

I strongly recommend it to anyone

Mark Elgersma Director of Strategic Sourcing, IT

As part of our Sourcing Symposium series, today we brought in Keld Jensen to give a training on “Important Tips for Online Negotiation. " I strongly recommend it to anyone who is sourcing or procurement organizations that are looking to drive value at this time! Thanks for the tips and tricks, Keld!

Everything I expected and more

Marilyn Biscotti, Office of the President, University of California

You were everything I expected and more. You were intriguing, captivating, and extremely informative. The Group enjoyed your presentation, and you kept their attention.

Awards and Recognition

Our concept of negotiation has been nominated and won a number of global awards

The concept is not only being used by Top500 companies globally but at several international universities in Europe and North America. No one has published the number of books on the topic of negotiation as Mr. Keld Jensen. 24 books in 38 countries. The concept has won Best Negotiation Strategy in Scandinavia, #1 New Release on Amazon, The Innovation Award from IACCM, Top Thought Leader in Trust by Trust Across the World, Best Management Book of the Year, plus a number of other awards.
24 books in 38 countries


You want state of the art, boutique training that is not offered anywhere else. The concept is a TM of Keld Jensen and the Intellectual Property is the World´s most awarded negotiation strategy.

  • You negotiate online and offline.

  • You have lost the confidence to negotiate and believe your life will be improved dramatically, by training to become a professional negotiator.

  • You have been looking for a trainer, but need someone who works internationally and understand a global context.

  • You are looking for online or offline training with an award winning experienced trainer that both write, speak and advice on negotiation globally, without the expensive price tag of a branded university. (He lectures at 3 different universities eMBA classes).

  • You are frustrated that every negotiation you do, does not work out the way you planned it in your head.

  • You are in charge of a team, but need the tools to efficiently run the team in a negotiation

  • You want to become a top level negotiator creating immediate better results for your organization and yourself.

  • You have a hard time dealing with certain negotiators and their behavior and need the toolbox to handle the all types of behaviors.

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