• Live training and feedback

    You are not alone! Followed and supported by Mr. Keld Jensen, you can always ask questions both in between sessions and at the three LIVE webinars.

  • Self pace training

    Study, watch, read and repeat as often as you want. With more than 90 hours of material, you are not likely to run out of content. Available whenever you want it!

  • World's most awarded strategy

    The content is identical to the programs, we run at the university eMBA classes. We even include 2 books at no extra cost. High quality professional videos and content.

You want this program if..

  • You need to create more value in your negotiation (up to 42%)

  • You want more than just self pace training

  • You are stuck in the traditional zero-sum approach

  • You want to improve Your preparation for a negotiation

  • You need to negotiate virtually as well as face 2 face

  • Want to learn how trust can be capitalized in a negotiation

  • Feel a need to change Your complete mindset on how to negotiate

  • You would love simple tools and checklists

  • Want to learn the SMARTnership approach - the most awarded negotiation strategy in the World

  • You negotiate globally

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the SMARTnership Negotiation Hybrid Training Program

    • How to use this course

    • The program Syllabus

    • A message from the instructor

    • What are we covering during the next weeks

    • Prep Week Introduction

    • What is required to become a better negotiator?

    • The Negotiation handbook in SMARTnership Negotiation

    • Before we begin... a quiz

  • 2

    Chapter #1 - LIVE webinar - introduction

  • 3

    Chapter #2 - self-pace - Trust and Strategies

    • Welcome to Chapter 2

    • What is Your Negotiation Strategy?

    • The importance of a Negotiation Strategy

    • Trust in Negotiation

    • The Moral Competence Index test and Score Card - test your moral level

    • Animation explaining NegoEconomics

    • Detailed Presentation of NegoEconomics

    • Unconsciously Incompetent - Just Like a Monkey

    • Are you unconsciously incompetent PDF?

    • Negotiation Strategy - why progress is based on your choice of strategy

    • Introduction to Honest Negotiation - Keld Jensen´s latest book

    • NegoEconomics

    • NegoEconomics in real life - a client case - BLUEKOLDING

    • The Lid Negotiation

    • NegoEconomics – where the 42% “free” value comes from SMARTnerships – the REAL potential in collaboration

    • The KMD/SamAqua case

    • Tru$tCurrency in Negotiation – the marriage between trust and economics

    • Quiz chapter 2

  • 4

    Chapter #3 - LIVE - SMARTnership - The World's most awarded negotiation strategy

    • LIVE webinar -The World of SMARTnership

    • SMARTnership - an award winning strategy

    • Negotiating Is Like Splitting A Pizza - A Good One

    • The 4 essential findings

    • Code-of-conduct

  • 5

    Chapter #4 - self-pace - Preparation and communication

    • Welcome to chapter 4

    • Honest Negotiation

    • Not preparing is the same as preparing a failure part 1

    • Not preparing is the same as preparing a failure part 2

    • Communication & Negotiation

    • Short Positive Impact Intro 1

    • Not preparing is the same as preparing a failure

    • Negotiation Audit

    • Goals

    • Checklist for success

    • Strategy Assessment Matrix - SAM Model - identify your strategy

  • 6

    Chapter #5 - self-pace - Negotiation Tactics

    • Welcome to Chapter 5

    • Introduction to the 5 different negotiations styles

    • Combative Negotiation Style

    • Delaying and compromise Tactics Style

    • Unilateral Concession

    • Smartnership Negotiation Style

    • Bonus material: The 5 Different Negotiation Styles And Their Body Language

    • Conclusion on Negotiation Styles

    • Introduction to the five different negotiation styles

    • SMARTnership Negotiation Style

    • The reaction from stress in negotiations

    • Online negotiation - what you should be aware of

    • Contractual implications and online negotiations

    • Dividing the 10 oranges

    • SMARTnership Negotiation Style

    • Unilateral Concession Negotiation Style

    • Combative negotiator

    • Delaying and compromise Negotiation Style

    • Conclusion on Negotiation Styles

    • Dividing the 10 oranges

    • NegoEconomics and the choice of negotiation strategy

    • Quiz Chapter 5

  • 7

    Live Negotiation Simulation

    • Welcome to to your live negotiation

  • 8

    Chapter #6 - LIVE - wrapping up and Q&A

    • LIVE webinar - Wrapping up - Q&A

    • Final paper explained

    • Final paper example

    • Before you go...

    • What you need to negotiate better

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