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    The Positive Impact program is your reliable resource for positive impressions and influence, in all your business and social interactions. Whether you’re in a meeting, presentation or negotiation, in a social situation, or just at home with the family, you’ll find this program’s principles, tools and techniques indispensable.

  • Hands on

    Despite the author’s long history in the academic and business worlds, you won’t find a lot of lofty theories or esoteric strategies. Everything you’ll learn is sensible and practical, backed by plenty of hands-on exercises to sharpen your communication skills, right now.

  • Based on a bestseller

    The program content is based on the bestselling and award-winning book Positive Impact (Motivational Press). The book was awarded management book of the year when originally published in Denmark.

You want this program if:

  • You’re nervous when speaking or presenting (or just want sharper skills).

  • You’ve ever struggled to make a favorable impact

  • You ever need to convince others about your ideas

  • You believe that PowerPoint will do the job, for You, in Your presentations

  • You need to recognize lies with precision

  • You strive for greater success in business and social interactions

  • You negotiate but feel You fail on communication

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The First 7 Seconds

Thats all it take before Your counterpart has created an opinion about You!

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