Positive Impact

Trust, personal impact, presentation technique & body language | taught by KELD JENSEN

What You Need To Know

Positive Impact – The Online Communication Course
Probably one of the best online trainings courses on communications

Based on the award-winning book, Positive Impact (Motivational Press 2016)

The Positive Impact program is your reliable resource for positive impressions and influence, in all your business and social interactions. Whether you’re in a meeting, presentation or negotiation, in a social situation, or just at home with the family, you’ll find this program’s principles, tools and techniques indispensable.

Despite the author’s long history in the academic and business worlds, you won’t find a lot of lofty theories or esoteric strategies. Everything you’ll learn is sensible and practical, backed by plenty of hands-on exercises to sharpen your communication skills, right now.

You’ll understand and master:

Body language – controlling your signals to others, and reading theirs, too

Effective presentation techniques 

How to recognize lies 

How to convince – rapidly 

Effective questioning

Why you need a proven preparation checklists for meetings and presentations

Why people you meet like or dislike you within 7 seconds – and how to influence them

Why PowerPoint is the worst invention in the history of communication

Why trust is so precious – and how you can increase it

You owe yourself this program if:

You’re nervous when speaking or presenting (or just want sharper skills)

You’ve ever struggled to make a favorable impact 

You ever need to convince others about your ideas

You believe that PowerPoint will do the job, for You, in Your presentations

You need to recognize lies with precision

You want to understand others’ body language, and master your own

You strive for greater success in business and social interactions

You negotiate but feel You fail on communication

It’s simple. It’s precise. It’s effective!

And there is more! You will get 3 books for free, as part of the program. Positive Impact, Influential Communication and Persuasive Presentations.

 Sign up today for a free trial, and get access to free videos, free material and 2 free books!

What will I get?

  • 24/7 access
  • 3 awarded books
  • 24+ videos
  • Interactions
  • Access to professional PowerPoints
  • Presentation strategy
  • Body language understanding
  • Personal moral/trust analysis
  • Checklist ready to use
  • Actual presentation training and feedback (option)
  • Content applied at eMBA level
  • Based on experience since ´76
  • Discussion board
  • Weekly office hour
  • Full flexibility
  • Access on all platforms
  • Quiz at each module
  • Communication assessment (option)
  • 7 module intensive program = 2 full course days (18 hours)
  • Certification
  • Fixed schedule or flex
  • 90 days access

Award winning author, professor, advisor and strategist

KELD JENSEN is an internationally recognized expert and advisor on business, communications, and negotiation. He works with governments and major corporations in applying the techniques of SMARTnership negotiation while maintaining a busy teaching schedule at top-ranked universities around the world.

Mr. Jensen has made more than 200 international TV appearances, and contributes regularly to Forbes magazine, reaching more than 2.8 million readers.

His corporate clients include Vestas, Novo Nordisk, LEGO, Johnson & Johnson, Carlsberg Group, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, SAB Miller, Bang & Olufsen; he has also worked extensively with UNICEF and several national governments.

A prolific author, Keld has written 24 books to date, with his works available in more than 35 countries.

In 2015 and 2016 he was named as one of the world’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust by the organization Trust Across the World. 

His concept of SMARTnership won the award "best negotiation/tender strategy" by The Organization of Public Procurement officers and The Innovation Award from IACCM in 2017. 

Keld is delivering more than 30 keynotes globally every year and has been nominated "best public speaker in Denmark.". He is a TEDx speaker. 

In 2017 his latest book was released. Honest Negotiation globally. It received the #1 New Release label on Amazon. 

His book Positive Impact was nominated as the year's best management book.

In 2019 his concept of SMARTnership negotiation was a finalist at the IACCM Americas conference in Strategic Direction. 

Visit Keld Jensen website for additional information

President & Managing Director | Center for Negotiation |Speaker & Advisor | Ass. Professor, Negotiation & Behavioral Economics| Adjunct Faculty | Thunderbird of Global Management | Aalborg University (Denmark) | Baltic Management Institute (Lithuania) | Board member Danish-American Chamber of Commerce

Course Curriculum

Module 2 - Tru$tCurrency - Capitalising on Trust
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Module 6 - Cross cultural communication
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Module 7 - Your communication style and assessment
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Reviews (1)

Clear and Insighful

by Balasubramanian Chandrasekaran
Positive Impact course is very Clear and Insightful and it helps us to motivate and hone our Communication Skills and Body language. Thank you Prof.Dr. Keld Jensen. Regards, Balasubramanian.C, PMP

Clear and Insighful

by Balasubramanian Chandrasekaran
Positive Impact course is very Clear and Insightful and it helps us to motivate and hone our Communication Skills and Body language. Thank you Prof.Dr. Keld Jensen. Regards, Balasubramanian.C, PMP