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KELD JENSEN is an internationally recognized expert and advisor on business, communications, and negotiation. He works with governments and major corporations in applying the techniques of SMARTnership negotiation while maintaining a busy teaching schedule at top-ranked universities around the world.

Mr. Jensen has made more than 200 international TV appearances, and contributes regularly to Forbes magazine, reaching more than 2.8 million readers.

His corporate clients include Vestas, Novo Nordisk, LEGO, Johnson & Johnson, Carlsberg Group, Siemens, Rolls-Royce, SAB Miller, Bang & Olufsen; he has also worked extensively with UNICEF and several national governments.

A prolific author, Keld has written 24 books to date, with his works available in more than 35 countries.

In 2016 he was named as one of the world’s Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust.

His concept of SMARTnership won the award "best negotiation/tender strategy" by The Organization of Public Procurement officers and The Innovation Award from IACCM in 2017. 

Keld is delivering more than 50 keynotes globally every year and was nominated "best public speaker in Denmark."

In 2017 his latest book was released. Honest Negotiation globally. It received the #1 New Release label on Amazon. 

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The SMARTnership Negotiation Master Program is a well structured e-learning program which gave me interesting new knowledge in regards to negotiation. Throughout the course I learned that qualitative negotiation is much more than what I learned in other negotiation trainings.  I use the learnings from the SMARTnership course in my everyday work. Not that I have changed every single negotiation due to the SMARTnership program, but the thinking, the approach and the strategy I always have in mind when I enter into a collaboration with a supplier. The structure of the course suited me fine. It has different building blocks, like videos, books, powerpoints and tests, and the variation between the different blocks ensure that you keep up the motivation. The good thing is, that if you want to take a short or longer break, you're able to step back to the former chapter (block) and listen or read it all again. This is a good way to catch up before you go move on.

I can highly recommend the SMARTnership Negotiation Master Program

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