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  • The Award winning SMARTnership concept

    The concept is the worlds´ most award-winning negotiation concept. The strategy won the IACCM Innovation Award 2017. The book Honest Negotiation received #1 New Release on Amazon and the tools were awarded as best negotiation /tender tools by The organization of public procurement officers in Denmark.

  • 24 books published in 38 countries

    The creator Keld Jensen has written and got 24 books published in 38 countries. His books have been published in China, Denmark, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Thailand and Canada just to mention a few.

  • Universities

    The concept is being taught at universities in Europe and the US. Aalborg University in Denmark, BMI Institute in Belgium and Lithuania and Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU in the US. All at eMBA classes.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

    • Introduction

    • Who is Your Professor - introduction

    • Syllabus Light version

    • Interview on SMARTnership and NegoEconomics

    • The Negotiation handbook in SMARTnership Negotiation

    • Module 1 - Prep Week Introduction

    • Module 1 - Prep week introduction slides

    • Trust in Negotiation

    • Tru$tCurrency in Negotiation – the marriage between trust and economics

    • Introduction to Honest Negotiation - Keld Jensen´s latest book

  • 2

    Module 2

    • Welcome to Module 2

    • The 4 essential findings

    • Are You Unconsciously incompetent

    • Unconsciously Incompetent - Just Like a Monkey

    • The unutilized potential

    • What is Your Negotiation Strategy?

    • Negotiation Strategy

    • Are you unconsciously incompetent PDF?

    • Negotiation Strategy - why progress is based on your choice of strategy

    • The unutilized potential

  • 3

    Module 3

    • Welcome to module 3

    • NegoEconomics

    • Detailed Presentation of NegoEconomics

    • NegoEconomics described even more in detail

    • Animated movie describing the concept of NegoEconomics and SMARTnership

    • BlueTender from BlueKolding - how to go about the NegoEconomics Strategy

    • SMARTnership - a winning strategy

    • Online negotiation - what you should be aware of

    • BlueTender - BlueKolding

    • Detailed presentation of NegoEconomics

    • NegoEconomics – where the 42% “free” value comes from SMARTnerships – the REAL potential in collaboration

    • SMARTnerships – the REAL potential in collaboration

    • The 10 phases You must recognize Negotiation Strategy – why your progress is based on your choice if strategy

  • 4

    Module 4

    • Welcome to module 4

    • No preparing is the same as preparing a failure part 1

    • Not preparing is the same as preparing a failure part 2

    • Not preparing is....

    • Introduction to the five different negotiation styles

    • Introduction to the five different negotiation styles

    • The Combative Negotiator

    • The Concession Negotiator

    • The Delaying / Stalling Negotiator

    • The Compromising Negotiator

    • The Collaborating Negotiator


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